Want a no-right-click script? These things aren't foolproof, so don't expect that by using one of these things your page contents will be protected! While they are somewhat useful for the casual internet browser, anybody with even the smallest amount of computer knowledge will still be able to steal whatever you post on your page. Still, if you want one, here's a way to get it! Simply fill in the two fields below, get the code and copy it! Right-click the background of the page on which you want to use the script, click Properties then Page HTML. The "inside page header" button is already clicked. Paste or insert the copied code in that window, and that's all there is to it!

NOTE : The no-right-click script is in use on this page (it was created using the generator). To copy your generated code, click the "Highlight Code" button then press CTRL-C to copy, then paste to notepad. You won't be able to right-click to copy the code.

Swipesy's No-Right-Click Script Generator
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No-Right-Click Script Code Results

To copy the code, click "Highlight Code" then CTRL-C on your keyboard. Paste to notepad.
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